Name That Tune Wiki
Vernon Kay
Peter Dickson
Noddy Holder
Celebrity Instrument Players
Antony Cotton aka Sean Tully (on the tubular bells)
Carley Stenson (on the recorder)
Adele Silva aka Kelly Windsor (on the xylophone)
Kevin Fletcher aka Andy Sugden (on the swanee whistle)
Celebrity Pianist
Myleene Klass (in the Bid-A-Note Round)
Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon.jpg
ITV: 5 May 2007

Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon (or Gameshow Marathon) is an eight-part miniseries where eight classic British gameshows (mainly from Fremantle's library) are being recreated and played for a celebrity's favorite charity. Name That Tune was one of them, and it will be the only show covered here. It originally premiered in series 2.

The other seven that were used (in series 2) were:

  • The Price is Right
  • Blockbusters
  • Blankety Blank
  • The Golden Shot
  • Mr. & Mrs.
  • Bullseye
  • Play Your Cards Right